The first of its kind, ZoBalls are plastic, fillable matzo designed toys that are perfect for filling with gifts, treats, and surprises.

ZoBalls provide a new way for people to hide and find the matzo at Passover, but can be used for other holidays and special occasions, too.

Say what?  Read on...!


The Matzo Tradition

We love the traditions at Passover which is why we created another way to hide and find the matzo. Meant to enhance the festivities of the holiday...or any day.

A New Way To Celebrate The Holidays

ZoBall Hunts (like Easter Egg Hunts) are now a thing of the present. ZoBalls as Hanukkah or Passover gifts are très chic. ZoBalls for any reason on any day is a great idea. Go on now, enjoy!

Word on the street:

I am already excited for Passover because of ZoBalls.

Jill in NY

Just got my ZoBalls! Love, love! These are awesome, and they make great gifts.

Victoria in NY

The Jewish Easter Egg! How did I not think of this?! Genius.  

Christine in CT

I'm goin' crazy over these.

Lacy in NY

Praise ZoBalls! 👏 👏 👏 How creative and festive for Passover. They're the perfect size and feel very sturdy. We love them. 

Isaac in CA

OMG! I can't believe these exist now. This is a game changer. Passover just got real...FUN!

Jen in TX

My neighbors loved them so much I had to give them my packs. ZoBalls are a hit. 😍

Marie in NY

Look at these (ZoBalls)!! They are clever, and fun, and will keep the kids entertained at Passover.

Mike in CT

Being Jewish I have always been jealous of friends who get to go on Easter egg hunts. We hide and find the matzo but it's not nearly as fun. I've been waiting for these my whole life!  I am so excited I am going to cry. No really, I am crying.

Nancy in NY