FAQs (No Judgment)

Why ZoBalls and how did you come up with the name?

We wanted to create a new way to celebrate the tradition of finding the afikoman, or matzo, during Passover. No schmaltz or boiling water required.

Just like those who celebrate Easter can go on Easter Egg Hunts (with colorful plastic Easter Eggs), those who celebrate Passover can now go on ZoBall Hunts (with adorable matzo designed balls) to add to the festivities around finding the hidden matzo. So. Much. Fun. 

ZoBalls can also be used for other holidays and special occasions. 

As for the name, ZoBalls is mat(zo balls), abbreviated and blended. Just a note: ZoBalls are NOT edible.

Can you tell me more about the role of matzo during Passover?

With pleasure. Early in the Passover seder, the leader breaks the middle matzo on the table and leaves half of it as “dessert” (called the afikoman) to be eaten after the meal. After everyone is done eating, the leader cannot close the seder until the dessert matzo is found and consumed. Children will either grab the afikoman at some point when the leader isn’t looking and hold it hostage until the adults find it in the house and pay a ransom, or, the adults hide it and then the children find it to move the festivities along. Adults commonly hide a piece for every child at the seder to find it and turn it in for a prize of a coin, treat or gift. 

ZoBalls are not meant to replace the tradition of finding the afikoman, ZoBalls are meant to enhance the festivities.


Fillable matzo balls, how can this be?

Let us explain. ZoBalls are hollow, plastic matzo balls that can be opened and closed and filled with gifts, treats, and surprises. Think toys, dolla dolla bills, coins, chocolate, jewelry (hey now), or anything your heart or creative brain desires.  


How have I coped without ZoBalls all these years?

We know it’s been tough. Consider it a thing of the past.  You can now go on "ZoBall Hunts", play "Hide and Zeek," use them to send or give gifts (for holidays, birthdays,  graduations, or just because), as party favors, toys, home decor, centerpieces, etc.

How big is each ZoBall?

Each ZoBall measures 1.77" in diameter.


Are ZoBalls appropriate for all ages?

If you are over the age of 3 years, you bet your matzo.  Enjoy!