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Thanks for visiting.  I am so happy to be sharing this new product with you.

I grew up in a home with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. My father’s birthday is on Christmas Day. Must have been destiny.

My parents both had their own traditions and way of celebrating holidays and special occasions. I consider myself lucky to have been able to experience a “fusion” of Christmas and Hannukah (we had blue ornaments on the tree and a lit menorah), Easter and Passover (we ate matzos while Easter Egg hunting), Sweet Sixteens and Bar/Bat Mitvahs (we danced to YMCA and Hava Nagila), Baptisms and Brises (we kept rosaries and yarmulkes), and so on. I grew up in such a religiously blended home that was the only way I knew. It was respectful, tolerant, unique, beautiful.

As a child, the anticipation of the Easter Egg Hunt gave my stomach butterflies. I was so excited to partake in the Easter festivities (i.e. find the Easter eggs my mom had hidden with surprises inside). The tradition has continued into adulthood to this day. 

I wanted to create a similar experience for those who observe Passover, in the spirit of hiding and finding the afikoman (the dessert matzo), and that is how ZoBalls was born. I thought having matzo designed balls that could be filled with gifts and treats would be a super fun way for families and loved ones to celebrate the holiday, in addition to, not in lieu of, hiding and finding the afikoman.  

I hope these ZoBalls bring you and your loves ones as much joy as they have for us. Happy Passover.

This product is patent pending.